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One Life: Do More


Kautuk runs Marathon for ‘One Thousand Hockey Legs’

I thank all my friends and well wishers for the support and patronage for my recent venture into the domain of public activity. I ran Auroville marathon last week in Puducherry, and wanted to share what an awesome experience it had been.

Its my first run. I drew enormous satisfaction in completing the 10 km run at Auroville marathon in 71 minutes, passing amidst the lush green village trail of Auroville. The track was so blessed with nature that it feel this way: How pleasurable would it be if I can wake up to similar run every morning.

In India marathon takes place in most of the big cities. The Auroville one was unlike those mammoth ones, its simple and best. It had a decent participation of 500 plus folks. People from different corners of India and world, ran for different causes, people playing music after every few kilometer for encouraging, and strangers cheering strangers made the run a very exciting experience for me a first timer.

In addition to enjoying the run, I had a great take away during the run. At a point in time, after around running six kilometers, my limbs started giving up. For a while I thought I should rather walk the remaining distance. And that’s when my eyes caught the glimpse of the slogan at the back of the T-shirt of the person running in-front of me.

This person was running from an organization called "Runners for Life" and the slogan so perfectly said its objective; "One Life: Do More". So subtle and powerful was the message of the slogan that I kept on running for another two kilometers non-stop. The message has been lingering in my mind since then.

Lastly, I thanks those for pledging for "One Thousand Hockey Legs" program through me. With the help of your generous support, I was able to raise Rs. 39,701/- in aid of this program.

Looking forward to run 21 Kilometers in the next marathon, do join in if running interests you

One Life, Do More !!

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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