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Achievements of One thousands Hockey Legs


Introducing and running hockey teams in five cities, catering to urban poor, about 80 schools in all so far.

Providing free of cost basic equipment (sticks, shoes, shinguards, stockings, jersey) to about 3500 kids, mostly underprivileged section of society.

Each school was given free coaching, at least three days per week, 9 months a year.

Each school team had at least played six tournaments in year, resulting in youthful joy.

Created many tournaments for providing competition exposure to the kids.

Teams were encouraged to tour other cities. OTHL teams have toured from Pondicherry to Chennai, Delhi team to Kanpur (UP), Delhi & Combined teams to Gurgaon, Shahbad, Nagpur, Patiala etc.

Conducting personality development class, English speaking classes and Quiz sessions periodically to create enlightened hockey players.

Created properties like Exchange Series (Annual Test Series between top two schools of each State or Zone), Anglo-Arabic Inter-School Hockey Cup, Induction Cup, City based annual competitions like Delhi Cup etc.

Put in place new events and tournaments like Dhamal Series, Cairns Cup, Joe Ezekile Memorial Cup, Briendranath Ghosh Memorial Cup and Nehru-Dhyan Chand Cup (jointly with Nehru Society).

Scholarships to outstanding hockey talents, who show equal interest in sports and studies.

Encouraged every school to visit stadium during international and Hockey India League events.

Provided man power in the form of volunteers to many international and leading domestic tournaments.

Participated in FIH Clinics, interactive sessions with HIL teams, encouraged visiting NRIs and former legends to our schools / centres.

Encouraged gifted hockey talents to move better avenues like State Training Centres, Centre of Excellence, State Hockey Academies, other branded schools for studies etc. It entails providing timely communication, preparation for trials, bearing travel and other expenses.


Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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