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Highly required- 5 M's


I am Somesh from Chennai. I graduated out of Anna University,Chennai last year with a B.Tech in Ceramics. I have played for the university hockey team 2 times and am a ambitious and hockey loving citizen.
I am currently working for an IT ompany called CSC(Covansys), Tambaram,Chennai.

"One Thousand Hockey Legs" is a great initiative started by Arumugam sir and i express my deep thanks to him for implementing this initiative.

As this initiative is not money-minded, but focusses on future generation, accordong to me, the 5 main things needed are ( 5 M's) :

1. Men (Volunteers)
2. Materials (Equipments )
3. Machines ( Internet, Scientific technologies etc.)
4. Methods ( Processes)
5. Money (Financial assistance)

Volunteers are very important beause the more volunteers( educated volunteers) we have, the more people get to know about this initiative. I have asked my friends in CSC, CTS, TCS and other companies who have played/ like hockey to visit this website and know for themselves the value of being a volunteer in this.

Equipments refer to everything related to hockey from head to toe. They include Sticks, Shin guard, jerseys and shorts, stockings, shoes, goalkeeper kits etc.

Machines refer to using scientific technologies to the best way possible just like using this site to promote/market ourselves. As the world is changing everyday with new inventions and technologies, we have to adapt ourselves to it. For example, a technical analyst can do wonders to correct an induvidual's flaws or shortcomings in his game.

Methods refer to the processes we must follow to achieve our objective of bringing back the glory to Indian Hockey. We must have a well-thought out plan and process and we must follow this process for us to achoeve what we want to.

Fianally, Money is very important as the rest of the things can be implemented only through financial assistance. So we must look out for sponsors, either big firms or smalls firms, having the focus to develop hockey in schools.

If all the above said 5 M's is smooth on our side, am sure we are on the right way to reach our target and one day see Indian Hockey back to its glory.

Jai Hind. Chak De India.. !!!!

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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Hockey Citizen Group,
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