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Some concern on our Concept


We had recently got a brief feed back from an unexpected quarter. The person concerned forcibly put forth his views amidst a group of 4, 5 people. So, we thought of sharing it with the othl readers.

The concern expressed by the Puducherry hockey official was on points:

One, othl program ignores Government schools
Secondly, the HCG takes help from non-technical people to run the show in Puducherry.

Our answer for the above concerns are :

1) We have two Government Schools with us. Two out of six schools is not a bad number. We have a small but unsurmountable problem in dealing with the Govt schools. Authorities at top level have to wave green signal to their school principals (bureaucrats call it approval) to enlist with us legally. Our proposal in this regard is with the Director (Education) since four months.

We are actually committed to create a hockey culture amidst students. We therefore opted in principle to approach top schools in towns. Secondly, there is no differentiation between govt and private schools because we just go by the interest shown by the schools and their coaching staff.

2) Non technical people is an unqualified and hurried assertion. We hired technically knowledgeable coaches, suitable for school level training. Yes, most of our volunteers including Project Officer in Puducherry are non-technical, so what, that is exactly we want. Strictly speaking, all our four patrons of the Hockey Citizen Group are in many ways non-technical people. We hardly played hockey nor coached anybody. But we can always make things happen.
This piece is written not to offend anybody but to clear our concept. Being a sensitive organization, we will strive to respond to all querries, concerns and feedback. This is our pleasure.

We feel that Hockey belong to everyone - Olympians, administrators, coaches. It belongs to humanity of which we volunteers are part and parcel of it. .

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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