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Shashank is in Puducherry


Shashank is in Puducherry

Shashank Gupta, active volunteer of the Hockey Citizen Group, is in Puducherry. He will be there for four days to operationalize ‘One Thousand Hockey Legs’ program in more schools.

Bangalore based Shashank will introduce the scheme in two schools, Government High School, Kuruvinatham, and Vivekananda Higher Secondary School in Lawspet, besides taking related activities. The ceremonial events are scheduled to take place on 23rd and 27th.

Lawspet and Guruvinatham schools have subscribed to the One Thousand Hockey Legs Program last month, by sending inter alia Rs.1000 annual fee.

“This is my second visit to Puducherry. First one took place in the first week of December when storm and rains reigned in but could not stop us from our mission of exploring schools for hockey feasibility. Now that we have made good progress, this trip is to see for myself what is happening there, besides roping in new schools who are serious about hockey”, Shasank said.

“Am really excited to go and see children, who never played hockey, play with our branded sticks”

Hockey under the One Thousand Hockey Legs started in three schools in Pondicherry early this month.

Hockey Citizen Group was also successful in finding out three part time coaches, who will be imparting basic hockey training in these schools.

Shashank is Head, Operations of One Thousand Hockey Legs Program

“I also intend to do spadework for future programs, especially how to go about organizing competitions for these schools”

Shortly, this site will publish his trip notes

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