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Annual minimum Fee Rs.5000

OTHL Moral Supporter Scheme gets wide support


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: One Thousand Hockey Legs ran its first-ever Fund Raising campaign for 45 days starting from 15th Feb. It ended today. As all are aware, it was a maiden effort to involve people after transforming a NGO into an institution, which almost took 10 years for building. The result  is positive and befitting. The subscribers  include Olympic Gold medalists, a triple Olympian, WC gold medallist, National Creative Director of a leading Ad agency, a CEO of a successful sports NGO, a sitting Member of Parliament, A Stanford Graduate, Dronacharya Awardees besides many hockey fans. The NGO cannot ask for more. In fact it needs lot of moral gumption  to ask fund from such achievers. The NGO did it on the strength and on behalf of hundreds of faceless kids who are condemned to suffer in our society for no fault of theirs. Therefore, the NGO salutes all those Donors heartily and gratefully.  You all reposed faith in founder K. Arumugam's personal appeal. It makes everyone involved glad. Such faith will help the NGO scale many more miles in the days to come.

FOUNDER'S APPEAL: Since inception 10 years ago, the acclaimed One Thousand Hockey Legs, could give purposeful smiles to 4000 plus kids. Achievements of OTHL are huge. But, the OTHL has been run on my time and money, partial support coming from handful of friends. Ten years is a long period. I wish many more join me in the journey, share the burden and help build an equitable and honest society thro' the medium of the sport we love. Time has come to lift the OTHL from individual pedestal to team platform. So, I am coming to you after creating a World Class property. I invite you to subscribe to the 100 Moral Supporter of OTHL Scheme at the min annual payment of Rs.5000. Kindly ensure its not one-off gesture, but continuing relationship for at least five years. This campaign will go  from 15th Feb to 31st  March 2018. The Fund Raised Details will be posted in the first week of April. Audited accounts of last 9 years can be seen in the OTHL office in Delhi between 15-18 hrs daily for next 45 days.

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Payment Modes

Why to we need money?

To continue our program of introducing and running hockey team in schools where majority of students hail from under-privilged section of  Indian society

To expand our activities to girls

To procure goal cages, goalkeeper kits

To increase exposure trips for OTHL Sr team

To guide professionally the talented OTHL kids for career opportunities

We intend to collect Rs.5 lac out of enlisting 100 supporters each will pay Rs.5000 per annum

Make up your mind and JOIN

(List showing Moral Supporters are given below as they join)




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Honoured to have Oly gold medallist Harbinder Singh as OTHL Supporter

List of Donors under  OTHL Supporters' Scheme (15th Feb to till date)

(Total Collection so far: 5.01 lacs

Lawrence Joseph

Geraldine J Menezes

Ms. Preeti Pariat Mehta

Mr. Imaan Pariat Mehta

Ms. Megha Raveendran

Mr. Shahshank Gupta

'Arjuna' Viren Rasquinha



Padamshree Dilip Tirkey, Member of Parliament

Mr. Sumal Surenderanath

Dr. Uma Kapoor

Mr. Errol D'Cruz

Mr. YS Negi

Tony Fernandes

Ashley Fernandes

Dronacharya Harendra Singh

Olympian Harbinder Singh

Ms. S. Krithika

Dr Saju Joseph

World Cupper  Mr. Bharat Chhikara

Mr. Surjo Dutt

Ms. Suruchi Dutt

Dr. KJ Anandhakumar


Mr. SK Moinuddin

Mr.Rana Chatterjee

Mr.Gulu Ezekiel

Ms.Andrea Thumshrin

Mrs.Shanthi Natarajan

Ms.Thendramil Pavai

Mr. Gaurav Saxena

Mr. Tirumarai Selvan

Mr. C. Bharanikumar Chandrasekaran

Dronacharya Dr Ajay Kumar Bansal

World Cup gold medallist Brig. HJS Chimni

Mr. Narender Gautam

Mr.Himanshu Diman

Ms.Neha Chauhan

Mr. Srikanth Sangili

Mr. N. Kanagasabai

Mr. Stalin Joseph

Mr. Mukul Pandey

Ms Anita Lalchandani

Mr.K Mayuranathan

Ms.Vembu Mayuranathan

Dr. Shankar Kumar Chatterjee




Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

Our Contacts

Hockey Citizen Group,
J-1/31, Flat #D2,
Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017