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Kids assemble at Ashok Vihar OTHL Center for their Sunday outing

Kids on the forefront, as elders back them up as volunteers


OTHL grows. More and more people sit up and take note of its care for kids. Noticeable among them is elders who want to spend their valuable time with kids, giving them their best in the interest of our stakeholder kids and their personal satisfaction. OTHL nowadays sports this  kind of benign atmosphere in most of its centres. 

 Over the years, the One thousand Hockey Legs have found, and also practice, that good things need to be inculcated in the kids very early in their career. This helps them understand their role in their own personality development, leading to stand on their own legs, and fly freely when time comes. We found sports suits this proposition and purpose. Kids always want to play, open air, compete regularly and build character as a result. 

We therefore go to schools, mostly Government run, where mostly poor section of our society ends up, and bring kids from class rooms to sports fields. Once they are in the field, at least twice a week, we slowly inculcate many things in them which slowly and surely build them constructively.    


We have six vibrant OTHL centres in Delhi, where despite meagre facilities, spirit is being held high. The Sunday gathering is all the more important because the kids used to certain habit to develop on the holidays, which otherwise make them idle and even leading to fall under the influence of socially bad elements. We are aware of the vulnerabilities of the kids we access. The Pic shows our OTHL centre in Ashok Vihar, which is one of the three oldest OTHL Centres in the capital city, how kids brace winter and embrace hockey. The centre has got a shot in the arm two years ago when the State Govt allotted the playfield to our NGO. Former players of repute Mr Nirmal Jeet Singh and Mr.Uma Shankar Sharma ji are at present part and parcel of the Centre. The two elderly wisemen know how to handle these kids, prepare them for better days, not just competition but to face the world with confidence. 

These two are ambitious to polish our  kids into a player of repute so that not only these kids see light at the end of the tunnel, but also become byword, if not face, of the OTHL. A tall order in deed, but not insurmountable. They spare not only time but also resources to keep things go in a proper fashion. They take care of each individual's need and monitor everyone for betterment. 

Its always volunteeers, who sustain the OTHL. The  both are setting examples for others in the OTHL family to emulate.  

All good things for OTHL


Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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