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OTHL boys going outstation to get training

We are picking up in pieces


Past eight months have been taxing and worrisome for all of us in the OTHL Family. Our stakeholder kids are still going through many forms of difficulties arisen due to ongoing pademic. The are vulnerable due to their social set up and financial status, but the COVID-19 has further devasted their lives. We could extend our help to the suffering famiiles, but our resources were meagre and insufficient. 

However, #sticktogether scheme of Olympian hockey ace Viren Rasquinha and his associates, benevolene of OTHL voluteers esepcially Bhavdeep Virdee, Kamleswar etc helped us do what we are intended to - extend some financial help to needy player-kids.   We still keep doing it. 

main events
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All playgrouds in Delhi, where we mainy operate, are either owned by the State Government or its agencies or Sports Authority of India and muicipaliites.These are  still closed and out of our bounds. School are closed. We are denied entry even to a sschool ground allotted to us by the Government of Delhi, as the venue have been declared COVID-19 Detection Centre by the District Magistrate!

However, we are successful in sending six boys to  place called Narwana in Haryana. The centre is about 150 kms west of Delhi. A new turf is laid there and pratice has been going on the turf regularly past three months. We established contact with the coaches and administrators there with a request to accomodate our boys. 

They agreed. We have sent six boys in a first batch last week. We organized accomodation and made arrangements for  their food too. It was a paistaking effort to reach Narwana as a farmers strike was going on at the all entry points of Delhi. But the spirit had overcome the difficulty. 

Hopefully, we will realize our idea of sending some more students there shortly.



Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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