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Our focus now is women's hockey at schools

OTHL discusses Road Map for next phase of activities


With the general situation improving, we have started our field activities in a full pledged way. Canvassing for new school enrolments, inducting new players and coaches, getting for them play ground etc are in full swing.  

As we step out to field, we fondly recollect that we have run our program successfully for more than a decade. We did a lot, we beniitted many, faced challenges and  made our own mark.

However,  we need to redefine our path keeping the exerience we have had and the challenges we will face in our sole objective of giving happiness and creative opportunities  to our stake holders. 

main events
We took part in the Delhi State Championships 2021

Shri Kamleswar Suri thought of calling our supporters for a online session a few days ago to shape our thoughts and polish our pathway. We invited all in the I support OTHL whatsapp group for the session. 

Besides Suri Ji, Shri Mohiddin, Shri Abhinav Ji and Shri K. Arumugam attended the session and shared their vision. 

The following views emerged after almost an hour long session. We request others to share their views and put forward their suggestion. 


main events
Intense activities upfront


1. To spare all efforts to bring OTHL to the pre-Covid level: Restoration of hockey teams in all 18 schools with 3  age group teams in each 
2. Enlarge base for fulfilment of stated objectives; only selected few at top for elite grooming, say 10%
3. Guide and create livihood for top end OTHL products even if meant lending loans for starting businesses, imparting skills, etc
4. Enroll at least 100 members for 'I support OTHL' in three months' time
5. Members to constantly interact and mentor with couple of players through them their school teams. 
6. Online quarterly meeting to take stock of progress and lay down policies
7. Create a culture of giving to OTHL among the 100 members on family functions; will lead to better synergy
8. Appointment of CEO for the organization

All other members are requested to send their suggestions. We will take it forward and implement on field. 


Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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