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Meet a dedicated Volunteer - Dr. Shankar Chatterjee


Voluntarism is foundation on which the castle of One Thousand Hockey is sought to be built. We, in the Citizen Hockey Group, seek to reach volunteers through our website ( to open hockey teams in schools, where the sport was not played in the recent past.

We made a significant inroad in our quest for nestling volunteers when a professional doctor contacted us for offering his services to OTHL-one of the early birds to come home to this site.

Small mails and brief phone talks over a period of month later, we got our man on the mission.

He is Dr. Shankar Kumar Chatterjee - An ideal volunteer we were looking for – to start our program, OTHL, in another metro after Puducherry.

Dr. Chatterjee has been a keen Hockey Buff from early 70s, often glued to hockey commentaries in Radio. He is never to be missed on Kolkata grounds whenever there is any Hockey match. All in all, he is a thoroughbred Hockey fan!

In his 40s, Dr. Chatterjee is a medical practitioner by profession. His passion for the sport made him take small but concrete initiatives in his own housing society. For him charity starts at home, literally and definitely. He coaches a bunch of children every Sunday for a couple of hours.

Ever since he got to know about ‘One Thousand Hockey Legs’, we made contact and then have working out the modalities of our operations in Kolkata.

Then last week, I meet him in Kolkata only to realize that he is a no-nonsense person. This impression I got at the first sight itself!

Dr. Chatterjee doesn’t come across as an extrovert, or an introvert. Whatever, he is definitely focused. He understands what our objective, and relentlessly pursued when we were together in Kolkata.

A strict follower of rules and regulations, Dr. Chatterjee is a positive thinker and believes in following his passions and is totally willing to volunteer for it.

All my days in Kolkata, I was desperately fighting with the heat but Dr. Chatterjee was calm, cool and patient. His phenomenal energy bowls me over.

Kolkata, for us, is, no doubt, Dr. Chatterjee. Had he not taken interest in OTHL, we wouldn’t have gone there for Hockey.
Just a few other volunteers of the likes of Dr. Chatterjee, can take this project to new heights.

It is people like Dr. Chatterjee who inspire us, push us, position us towards our goal of seeing at least 1000 students play hockey at schools.

We are thrilled to break the ice at Kolkata, a football and bastion – and we have this man to toil with us.

Welcome Dr. Chatterjee. We will see hockey flourishes in in Kalkata -- that too on our own efforts.

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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