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The beginning for a great career




Highlight: Signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the highly successful Pritam Siwach Sports Promotion Foundation (PSSPF) and forming an advisory group with Pritam Rani Siwach (Dronacharya & Arjuna awardees) and AK Bansal, Dronacharya awardee; and getting Olympian-athlete to conduct fitness sessions for our kids.

 Other BIG FIVEs:

(a)  Introduction of schemes for individuals’ and Family sponsorship of Elite Players and 'Group of 5' kids, resp.

(b)  Getting First-ever Equipment providers in the form of Bajaj General Insurance Corporation.

(c)   Executing Schemes to improve Communication Skills and quality of Academic Education, especially for girls (Age group 10-13 yrs)

(d)  Establishment of OTHL Skill Centre

(e)   Amazing levels of competition exposure to girls 

main events
Tokyo Olympian Sartak Bhambri training OTHL kids on fitness


Training of OTHL Sr. players to be a start-up coaches, event managers and parent-teacher counsellors. Beneficiary: 15. They now run OTHL Centres in different part of Delhi. 

Fitness camp for CORE GROUP (Girls) for 3 months, 3 days per week

Beneficiaries: 33 girls

Simultaneous skills camp for Patel Nagar Boys and Girls 

Beneficiaries: 15 girls, 25 boys 

main events
A selection trail underway

Selection Trails

(At least three coaches conduct Selection trails for 3 to 5 days before selecting final 18 or Core Group. Eligible kids are informed of trail dates through social media announcement) 

1.     Sub-Junior Boys for Nehru Cup   18-21 Aug 2022 

2.     Junior Boys for Nehru Cup           18-21 Aug 2022

3.     Junior Girls for Nehru Cup          

4.     SNBP Cup for U-16 boys              

5.     Khelo India U-16 League for Girls

6.     Delhi Hockey Weekend League (Seniors)

7.     Sub Jr Boys for Delhi State Championship

8.     Jr. Boys for Delhi State Championship

9.     Sr. Boys for Delhi State Championship

10.Year 2022 Core Group (33 girls)

main events
Competition ushers in smiles and joy

Tournaments Participated

 OTHL Cup Sub-Jr Boys

OTHL Cup Jr Boys

OTHL Cup Girls

OTHL League (B & G)

Jayanti Cup Summer (B& G)

Pre-Nehru Cup (Sub-Jr Boys) Gold

Pre-Nehru Cup (Jr Boys)

Hockey India Academy Nationals Sub-Jr. Boys, Ghummenera

Hockey India Academy Nationals Jr.Boys, Jamshedpur

Weekend League (Sonipat) Girls

6th SNBP Cup, Pune

NHA Cup Junior Boys (Bronze)

38th Sub-Jr Nehru Cup Boys

50th Junior Nehru Cup  Boys

28th Junior Nehru Cup Women

State Games Sub-Jr Boys

State Games Jr Boys (Bronze)

State Games Sub-Jr Girls (Silver)

Jayanti Cup Winter (B& G)

BAGIC Cup Girls

1st Khelo India Women’s Hockey League (U-16) P-1 Delhi

1st Khelo India Women’s Hockey League (U-16) P-2 Lucknow

1st Khelo India Women’s Hockey League (U-16) P-2 Lucknow

Nirmal Cup 2022 

main events
KDHPS awardees Shabnam (l) & Geeta getting high-end equipment

Schemes Launched

Hockey Day & Sunday Festivals 

OTHL - Krishna Dutt High Performance Scholarship (Mooted & modelled by volunteer Sujo Dutt)

OTHL - Guardians Scheme (Mooted & being executed by volunteer Sujo Dutt & Family)

 Skill Centre Activities

Tailoring Classes         4…… Beneficiary: >60 

Typing Classes           3m…… Beneficiary: 10 + 2

Cycling                       R…… Beneficiary: >50

Basic computers        25 S…… Beneficiary: 15


Spoken English Classes     …… Beneficiary:

English Subject Classes     …… Beneficiary:

Maths Classes                     …… Beneficiary:

Science Classes                   …… Beneficiary:


Established : 2

Man-days: About 120


Part-time Coaches

Men: 12

Women: 11

Manju, Manisha, Neha, Bagyashree, Sarita Tiwari, Shweta, Nancy, Sudesh Solanki, Kunjan Sharma, Kanchan Rawat.  

Fulltime Manager: 1

Major Incentives

Bi-Cycle gift: 5

Scholarships one-off

Scholarships monthly

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

Our Contacts

Hockey Citizen Group,
J-1/31, Flat #D2,
Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017