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OTHL donors help these kids to recreate, play and find joy



Every year, we hold Fund Raising campaign among the supporters and fans of One Thousand Hockey Legs for three months (Jan-March). The list of donors are given below (Ascending order from the date of receipt). We thank you all for the continued support


21. Teenu (former OTHL Beneficiary: Rs.30,000.  

20. Naseem Bano: Rs.15,000

19. Mohiddin: Rs.10,000

18. Niraimathi: 10,000

17. Himanshu Dhiman: Rs.10,000

16. Trupti: Rs.10,000

15. Bhavdeep Virdee: Rs.10,000 (every month)

14. Suruchi Dutt: Rs.10,000

13. Surjo Dutt: Rs.10,000

12. Shailesh Chaturvedi: Rs.10,000

11. P K Mohan: Rs.10,000 


main events
A small amount of money can give them another event to keep them sweating and smiling

10. AK Bansal: Rs.10,000

9. Kamaleswar Suri: Rs.10,000

8. Viren Rasquinha: Rs.10,000

7. AVSS Anand: Rs.10,000

6. A. Tirumarai Selvan: Rs.50,000

5. Rana Chatterjee: Rs.10,000

4. Pradeep Kumar Naik: Rs.20,000

3. Gaurav:  Rs.50,000

2.Thendramil Pavai: Rs.50,000

1. K. Arumugam Rs.50,000 +

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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