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OTHL schools ready for a match, these girls get regular nutritional input

OTHL augments nutritional program for girl-players


It has been our cherished objective to improve the fitness levels of our boys and girls. We have since inception of One Thousand Hockey Legs project have been doing something on this front. 

These efforts have been increased manyfold ever since we started the OTHL for girl-students too, meaning last three years. 

We have some how manged to go beyound post practice or match refreshments. It meant our activities go beyond match days or tournament times. Since fitness is a vital aspect for making any raw talent to striking one, and it is also a long term process, we have initiated serious of steps to improve the nutritional levels. 


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Girls given half-boiled corn, each about 200 gms

As a first step, we did a bench mark test. About one hundred girls of age group 10-13 were shortlisted out of  300. 

They were subjected to variety of basic testing on four major parameters: from Bloodgroup, Haemoglobin, Vitamin D, to B12.

It took about a month. 

The results were mixed. Many girls suffer from vitamin and haemoglobin deficiencies or extreme low or high levels, which are to be balanced. 

With the help of General Medicine practioners we could offer them basic tablets and solutions to narrow decifiences.  

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Each day a spoon of certified honey

About 20 girls are provided with monthly Nutrition scholarship raning Rs.1000 to 2000 per month. They are supposed to use it for buying milk and egg for each day consumpion.

About 80 girls were given 1kg certified honey. 

All students who attend morning and evening sessions were given good nutritional items such as boiled sweet potato, half-boiled corn (about 200 gms), one fruit and 250  ml of milk.   

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Each day different eatable

Our efforts got a boost when Raj Makhija of trusted nutrition supplier, provided many vitamin tablets, nutritional granules and other useful items free of cost.  

While we bring all these information to our well wishers, we feel we are not doing justice to boys. Our next step will be to include them also in our nutritional program. We do not have any problem in this except funding! 

main events
About 80 girls were given each a monthly supply of 1 kg honey

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