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Transforming lives through sports and education: Above is a OTHL's 9th stad student as she improves

FIFTH Annual Fund Raising campaign starts


OTHL applied for public donation to run its various program for the first time in 2019, that is, 10 years after  inception. The program of Raising Fund was named 'I Support OTHL'.  The idea is to collect all supporters, well wishers and promoters under one umbrella, engage them in various activities, provide them with all info about daily activities and progress. Of course, request them for annual contribution.  These members are invited to join a WhatsApp ground in the same name to fulfil various stated objectives. 

The idea behind 'I Support OTHL ' is  to have at least 100 Annual Subscribers. It met with moderate to good response. Each member paid annual subscription of min Rs.5000/10,000 or more. The list of contributors were regularly published, and are available in the OTHL News section of this site. 

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15 committed OTHL Girls were presented bi-cycle to ease their transport to school and stadium

We are now starting our FIFTH Annual Fund Raising campaign from Ist February 2024. I request all of you to pay a minimum of Rs.5000 or 10,000 for renewing your subscription for the year 2024. This year actually poses multiple challenges beyond normal ones. 

Primarly, we need to focus more on social side of our players, which is the main reason for drop outs and under-performance in both studies and sports.

Challange number two is gender parity

Thirdly, providing nutritional support for girls which we have just made a modest beginning

Fourth task  is to maintain decent level of spend on nutrition

Fifth of course is to take part in various tournaments and winning.   

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Nutritional support before and after training sessions

You can make payment using netbanking

Current Account Name: Hockey Citizen Group

Current Account No. 30755536119

Account Bank and Branch: State Bank of India, Malviya Nagar

IFSC: SBIN0001493

For further mode of payment like PayTM pl visit Donate section given in the top bar of the site

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The idea is to keep these girls smiling for their own welfare and bright future

SUBSCRIBERS' LIST  (as received, will be updated every three days)


Ms. Manjusha Kanwar Rs.65,000 (for presenting bi-cycles to 10 prospects) 

Mr. Abdul Kadir: Rs.5000

Mr. AK Bansal Rs.5,000

Mr. Rana Chatterjee: Rs.5,000

Mr. Manish Kalra : Rs.25,000 

Dr. KJ Anandha Kumar: Rs.10,000

Mr.  A. Kaviraj:  Rs.25,000

Mr. Bhavdeep Virdi: Rs.12,000 (every month)

Dr. Niraimathy: Rs.5,000

Ms. Meenakshi: Rs.5,000

Mr Manickam: Rs.5,000

Mr. PK Mohan:  Rs.20,000

Mr. Teenu: Rs. 15,000

Ms. A. Thendramil Pavai : Rs.50,000 +

Mr. Surjo Dutt & Family: Rs.100,000 +

Mr. Sombuddha Dutt : Rs.37,0000 

Mrs. Sreelatha & Mr. Shantanu: Rs.17,000+

Mr. Gaurav Saxena: Rs.50,000 +

Mr. K. Arumugam: Rs.50,000 + (every month)

Mr. V Ravichandran: Rs.100,000

Ms. Susheela Ravichandran: Rs.50,000

Ms. Indraja: Rs.50,000

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Specialized training

OTHL's activities Framework





4. UPSKILLING (Basic computer, Fast typing, stritching, spoken English, Cycling & others)


Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

Our Contacts

Hockey Citizen Group,
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Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017