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Parents and OTHL players accept our gift of bi-Cycle

Bi-Cycles presented to promising OTHL Girl players


One Thousand Hockey Legs, popularly known as OTHL, is a sports promotion organization. However, its identity is  empowerment of girls through the medium of sports. The OTHL avails natural benefits of sports to promote it among girls, who are otherwise idling or involved in unproductive areas -- and present them a new vista for future. 

While OTHL's core value is sports promotion, it also imparts basic skills in other areas. One such is making girls ride bi-cycles. This we understand improve their confidence and avoid dependence on others for short commuting. We keep two bi-cycles in each of our four OTHL Centres in Delhi and encourage new faces to learn cycling. Senior girls in the set up help them learning. 

Its certain every girl-player in OTHL is mandated to ride cycling. Its also one of the most enjoyable activities.  


main events
OTHL kids with their all new possession

Now, we have moved beyond just making the young ones learn cycle and thus be confident of themselves. Knowing cycle riding certainly boasts their morale we forge ahead. 

What if they will own a cycle?

It will be icying on the cake. Based on our bench mark social survey we found not even one out of 10 of our stake holders have a bi-cycle! 

Providing bi-cycle will certainly motivate them to do things better. Keeping this thought in mind, we selected a set of girls for providing them with the gift of their lifetime. The following critera were followed by the Selection Committee consisting of 1. Former India coach Ajay Kumar Bansal, 2. Principal of receiving school or his representative 3. Director or Secretary / of Hockey Citizen Group and 4. One of the OTHL Panel Coaches.  

The above group used these following criteria for selection

1. Availed training for a minimum period of past 3 years
2. Only girl-hockey players
3. Daily Usability of Bicycle from home to school
4. Safe custory & self-maintenance assurance from Parents
5. Player's equal focus on both education and sports (Commitment, achievements, fitness, play potential etc)       

main events
The school welcomed the awardees with whole heart

The following players received bi-cycle on 24th Jan at a simple function organized by the OTHL subscribed school in Dwarka, New Delhi.  Bijender Singh, Principal of the school gave away them in the presence of kids' parents and school teachers.

Its worthwhile here to mention that California based Gaurav-Thendral-Divi family bought all the cycle to present to these future stars. The generous gift will ease daily routine of these girls besides keeping them proud.  

Moslima Khatoon (Team captain, midfielder)
Mofita Ali (Solid defender)
Gitika (Good at studies, punctual)
Nainsi (Good at studies, showing improvement in sports)
Bharti Ahirwar (winger)
Neha Manpyare (Youngest but daring midfiedler)
Rashmi Choudhry (Stadily improving at defence)
Seema Kumari (Goalkeeper)
Suchitra Roy (Goalkeeper)
Priyanka & Prince (Sister and brother, both good at studies and games)
Some others could not attend the function as they were out of station. 

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Rajpal receiving kitbag at the hands of his class teacher in the presence of his school principals

Besides, the following 20 players were given branded kit-bag. Interestingly, these were given away by their respective class teacher. 

Abhishek, Raj
Prince, Arman
Rajpal, Himanshu
Akash, Sugandha
Priyanka, Pariniti
Chandini, Nandini
Raj Lakshmi, Pooja

Kindly note all the players are from Dwarka school, where OTHL started its first girls team three years ago. In a way the occasion turned out to be its third anniversary! 

main events
Player Sanjana holding the photo frames of his team mates

On the occasion, about 40 players were given their photo framed on costly acrylic sheet with installation pins. It is expected they will display it in a suitable place in their homes so that players' family, friends and relatives to get a chance to see them in a different activity. These action photos were carefully chosen out of thousands of images shot in the last three years. 


Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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