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It is always interest how much monies spent on OTHL so far?

We shall just glance accounts of HCG for four months between Jan and April 2009.

Most expenses can be bracketed into 4 major heads. They are administration, publication, equippment and field operation.

Registration of Hockey Citizen Group and other general administrative expenses: INR 9000.

We got it printed ABC hockey booklet which contains quiz content for school children at the cost of Rs. 4,000. Formation of othl website and changes thereto costs another 8,000. For an interactive and user-friendly site such as this, the cost could not have been lesser. Thank our volunteer Madhu for this.

We have so far procured 170 sticks, 132 balls, 130 shin guards, 50 practice cones, and 130 stockings. Total cost of these equipment: 91,000

Field Operation:
This is big head. The following split up gives birds eye view of everything.
Field visits by our head of operations: 8000
(Twice to Puducherry, once to Kolkata):
Payment to part time coaches: 5300
Summer Camp: 23,000
Canvassing in schools, mostly in-city travel: INR 5000

To summarize:
Administration = 9000
Publication = 12000
Equippment = 91000
Field Operation=41300

Total =Rs. 1,53, 300/- ( around USD 3066)

For a period of 4 months, we have spent Rs. 153300/- on OTHL project.

Source of income:
K. Arumugam 92.25 %,
Shashank Gupta: 7.75 %

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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