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I need your support for my 10k run


I write this article seeking support from readers/visitors/patron in my 'Run for a cause'.

What am I doing?
I will be running 10km in Sunfeast 10k Run in Bangalore on 31st May '09.

What is this idea of pledge raising?
Marathon or long-distance running has been a way to raise money for charity organizations, for a long time. It is something like; my run is a symbolic gesture as my support to an organization. To support me, you either run with me or you pledge your support to me and my organization, i.e. donate money for the organization.

What is my cause this time?
I am running to support my organization, Hockey Citizen Group.
But yes, children, as always, are my focus.

What does this organization do?
Please read the "About us" section.

Where will your money go?
Introduction and operations of the programme for a year, in a city, to support 5 schools' 100 children's Hockey, requires around INR 65,000.
By the end of 2009, we plan to introduce the programme to 3 more cities.
This is where your pledge will help us out in a big way.

What is your target?
I am targeting to raise INR 2 lakhs, by this run of mine. Your contribution, in whatever denomination, is most welcome by me. Although each pledge makes me closer to my target but I admire the spirit of pledging. Also, do note the fact that if you pledge Rs. 50, one ball can be bought from that. So, don't hesitate with your quantum of the pledge.

What has been our accounts status?
Our accounts are published on the website. Since, there was no bank account (until a week back), we haven't done a audit yet. The accounts on the website are purely maintained by us.

Will you get the usual IT exemption under section 80G?
Unfortunately its a NO, this time. We do not have an 80G exemption certificate as yet. We will be working towards it.

What children do we work with?
We have children from all sections of the society. Quite a lot are underprivileged, but yes, a few are privileged. However, we do share the operational costs with the privileged lot.

How can you get across your pledge to us?
You can pledge your support by:
1) Online Transfer (via EFT/NEFT)
Please email me, if this is the case:
I will get back to you with the details.

2) Demand Draft, in favour of "Hockey Citizen Group", payable at New Delhi.
Post it to:
Hockey Citizen Group,
J-1/31, Flat #D2,
Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017.

3) Cheque (preferably that doesn't attract outstation charges):
In favour of "Hockey Citizen Group" to the same address as above.

Yes, you will receive a receipt from us and you can track the developments on the website.
I appeal to you to pledge for me in my 'Run' for the development of Hockey at the school level.

I look forward to your support in my run.
Thanks a lot for your time,
Best regards,
+91-96633 05178

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

Our Contacts

Hockey Citizen Group,
J-1/31, Flat #D2,
Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017