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The best way to usher our society a hockey conscious one and also imbibe a hockey culture in the country is to go to schools. The young minds at schools are not much exposed to hockey sport, not to talk about knowledge of hockey among the tiny tots.
So, the One Thousand Hockey Legs, aim to do this exactly.
The program has been conceived and being executed by volunteers. As we all know, volunteers are not born, they are situation-made. Now we love our hockey, and it needs you now.
One Thousand Hockey Legs is not just about numbers. Besides hockey, we seek to inculcate what we dream a `Hockey Culture' in young minds. By Hockey Culture, we mean the young generation will be exposed to hockey's glorious history, understand it, pursue hockey knowledge (thro' quiz, essay contest) so that they stay tuned to hockey throughout their life.
In what way you can contribute to the success of the One Thousand Hockey Legs.? There are Seven Star Ways to stand and stay with us.
You can Register with us as a
Volunteer Have a few minutes free in a week? Donate it to us.
Trainer -- Are you a Hockey expert? Come and train our children.
Motivator Think you are a good orator? Come down to deliver a short pep up talk.
Fund Raiser Know of ways to raise money? Help us!
Supporter Support a child's Hockey Expenses for Rs.1200.
Knowledge Partner You write well? Cover our events.
Parent Patron Love Hockey? Talk to other parents about it.
Innovate: Have a new idea? We provide you the platform to implement.
Please visit contact section of this site to register with us. We will surely get back to you, to take you in our effort.

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

Our Contacts

Hockey Citizen Group,
J-1/31, Flat #D2,
Kirki Extension,
New Delhi-110017