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OTHL Launched; Practice Sessions Started


It almost threatened but not, thankfully. The rain gods relented a bit. The authorities in the Puducherry's famous educational Institution, Petit Seminaire, was in a fix over the impending function. 'Why can' we shift it to auditorium', was in their mind to avoid about 2500 of their students getting wet in the morning assembly. Then, as the rain gods relent momentarily, the momentous occasion for the Hockey Citizen Group took shape. The school authorities decided to go ahead for open assembly.
It was a great day for the Hockey Citizen Group, and its novice project 'One Thousand Hockey Legs'.
Wednesday, the 7th January 2009.
On this day, amidst a mild drizzles and breezing wind, the 162-year old institution ceremonially took up HCG's project. Principal of the School, Fr. M.S. John Bosco, proudly declared to the assembled students and staff that his school is embracing the new project. After his brief introduction of 'One Thousand Hockey Legs' Program -- that has come all the way from New Delhi -- Senior Post Graduate Teacher Vishwakumar elaborated the significance of hockey with his much appreciated gift of gab.
A select few students then received the stick at the hands of Rev. Fr. M.S. John Bosco, the much revered principal.
Fr. John Bosco also honoured both B. David, HCG volunteer -- who went to Puducherry from Bangalore to launch the program-- and HCG's local Project Officer K. Manickam with traditional shawl.
On is turn, the good oratorical skill in David's talent repertoire, flowed like a stream. He spoke about hockey for about five minutes, recalling anecdotes and quotes.
Now, as if it was waiting for the program to be over, the skies opened up. And, we thank those 30 minutes or so for which we got a reprieve from the rain gods.
Thereafter, award winning Physical Education Teacher of the school, Jayakumar and his hockey staff called about 20 students to their chamber where they were handed over the hockey sticks that HCG made available from Jalandhar. Jayakumar is working out a training schedule for hockey, and the school is poised to pick up our national game vigorously.
Then the scene moved to Amalorpavam Higher Secondary School, also in the same city.
HCG's duo David and Manickam handed over a stick to the School Principal Lourdusamy in his chamber. Physical Education Teacher Ramani too joined the occasion. On students insistence, David distributed stick to each of 20 students individually.
The visiting coach David got an opportunity there to interact with the kids -- 5th to 8th standard -- and explained finer points of hockey game. David also initiated those boys into hockey, teaching them how to hold the stick, hitting technique etc.
On Wednesday, the 7th January 2009, will be a memorable day for hockey lovers in Puducherry – so also for the Hockey Citizen Group and its brainchild One Thousand Hockey Legs.

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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