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Insurance cover for our school children


Insurance cover for all our children

All children in various schools under One Thousand Hockey Legs got a boost today with an insurace cover coming into play.

Hockey Citizen Group has annoucned this milestone development for its our One Thousand Hockey Legs (OTHL) program.

Hockey Citizen Group and Government of India’s Oriental Insurance Company entered into a Group Insurance contract this week. This aims to protect young, budding players of OTHL from injuries and other mishaps.

All the children playing hockey in the four cities the program is going on nowadays, is insured against all forms of sports injuries. Though we feel such things won’t occur, as we do not play serious competitive hockey -- but in general fun hockey -- it is a step taken keeping in view the nature of hockey sport.

Each boy or girl is insured a maximum of Rs. 1 lac, out of which 10 percent can be claimed for medical expenses.

The medical needs, if need be, can be done at the school level, and the reimbursement can be sought at local city level, these are some salient features of the contract.

It took almost three months of spadework that led to the path breaking achievement.

“When the OTHL was put up a year ago, it was in our minds, it was our dream, an insurance policy for the school children. We are happy we could actually realize this, that too with a government agency, known as one of the best in the business” said K. Arumugam, Roving CEO, Hockey Citizen Group.

"This policy was made possible because of the interest taken by hockey volunteer Amit Dudani" he added.

Shashank Gupta, who looks after the Operations as its chief has to say this: “It was a few months back when we invested our effort in getting something which is usually very unusual in Hockey arena - Medical Insurance for ones who play the game.

“Talks, confirmation, formalities and then that big fat cheque - good enough to support Hockey of nearly in a city, certainly a great milestones for us”.

“Today's day comes as a happy day for us as we receive the Insurance policy in our hands”.

Although, I always wish that no child gets seriously hurt while playing but unfortunately if that happens, we are prepared for the same in a responsible manner. Big step for us and I feel happy as I say this”.

K. Arumugam adds: “For many, this insurance might look a small step. But, having been a chronicler of sports in India, know such steps have not even been initiated by any National Sports Federation in India”.

A firm step forward indeed in every respect.

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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