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OTHL supporter runs to raise funds


Last week, on 14th Feb, 2010, HCG supporter, Kautuk Khare participated in Auroville Marathon in Pondicherry.
Dedicating his run as "Run to support the cause of One Thousand Hockey Legs", Kautuk did pledge raising for the organization.

He reached out to his friends, colleagues, peers and family asking for pledges for his run.

Residing his Hyderabad, he travelled to Pondicherry to take part in the 10km run. Covering this distance for the first time in his life, he was preparing for this run for over 2 weeks.

He completed his run in 71m and had an extraordinary experience.

Kautuk managed to get support of 32 people and raised over Rs. 40000 for Hockey Citizen Group.

The whole team at Hockey Citizen Group is thankful to Kautuk for his effort and his support to the organization.

We wish to have his support in the future as well. Good luck with all your endevours.
Kudos to you, Kautuk Khare! :)

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