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A little about Pondicherry


Roman Roland, a French Journalist, friend of Mahatma Gandhi, lived and breathed in Puducherry.
The celebrated writer lived in Puducherry for many years, the city boasts of major library named after him.
Puducherry is not just a home of scholars like Roman Roland alone. It is also spiritual abode for many. Sri Aurobindo International Society is one such. The former French colony is metropolitan in culture, while its distinct identities are well prevalent even now.
For ...

Be a part of One Thousand Hockey Legs


The best way to usher our society a hockey conscious one and also imbibe a hockey culture in the country is to go to schools. The young minds at schools are not much exposed to hockey sport, not to talk about knowledge of hockey among the tiny tots.
So, the One Thousand Hockey Legs, aim to do this exactly.
The program has been conceived and being executed by volunteers. As we all know, volunteers are not born, they are situation-made. Now we love our hockey, and it needs you now....

A Joyous Excursion into Exotic Pondicherry


It was the second week of November, around the time when skies of the East Coast opened up, with cyclone Nisha threatening to hit the shores.

Pondicherry is an idyllic coastal city, known for its French culture and simple living. We visited this beautiful place recently to meet school authorities, explore their interest in hockey and thereby to introduce the One Thousand Hockey Legs project to them.

However, heavy rains lashed the city and the administration declare...

One Man Army at Amritsar Campuses


He is a one man army, trying to rescue a sport affected by a tsunami like calamity. What Prof. Paramjit Singh Randhawa does is worth taking note of if not worth emulating.

Like most Indians, Randhawa too wants to improve hockey. But he does not just sit and worry about hockey and its future.

He calls up school authorities and motivates them to do something for hockey. He briefs them patiently about the values and history of hockey, and throws ideas open to them, as ...

Why should they hit others?


“Why should they hit others, inflict injuries - is it sports?” wondered Harjeet Kaur recently, mother of three grown up children.

She was referring to her son, Ronnie Jagday, who played for Canada.

“Ronnie never let me know the injuries he suffered from. He never complained to me. But I know how much the little boy had to take on his body. He did not complain to me since I would object to him playing the game. My request to all those who play hockey is simple - play...

Developing sustained passion for Hockey by introduction of Hockey to pre and early teenaged children and simultaneously promoting playing sport as a culture and tradition, thereby contributing to develop a sports loving society.

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