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Some concern on our Concept


We had recently got a brief feed back from an unexpected quarter. The person concerned forcibly put forth his views amidst a group of 4, 5 people. So, we thought of sharing it with the othl readers.

The concern expressed by the Puducherry hockey official was on points:

One, othl program ignores Government schools
Secondly, the HCG takes help from non-technical people to run the show in Puducherry.

Our answer for the above concerns are : <...

OTHL Accounts


It is always interest how much monies spent on OTHL so far?

We shall just glance accounts of HCG for four months between Jan and April 2009.

Most expenses can be bracketed into 4 major heads. They are administration, publication, equippment and field operation.

Registration of Hockey Citizen Group and other general administrative expenses: INR 9000.

We got it printed ABC hockey book...

What Next?


What next

Schools in Puducherry are almost a month into their summer vacation. The heat wave has forced the school authorities in Delhi to go in for advancing summer vacation. It is almost summer vacation time in Kolkata

So, as the schools closed, we open our eyes to the tasks that lies ahead.

Othl program is almost four months old. We aim to start it in four metros. Though Puducherry is in Phase I, Kolkata progress is staggering, it appears. So...

4 Sleepless Nights in Puducherry


If you ask me, what all I went through in the past 3 days, I may go on talking for good measure of time.

The occasion was 2 days residential Hockey Summer Camp for 11-14 year old children in Puducherry, integral part of our project so captivatingly entitled “ONE THOUSAND HOCKE Y LEGS”.

This, for me, was the first time I was in a public forum, sole official representative of our organization. I was nervous; I don’t want to hide it from you.

Although q...

Quiz Program, our future focus?


"They conducted the Quic program like we see in television shows". This is how Srinivasan, principal, Swami Vivekananda Higher Secondary School, Tirubhuvanai, one of the OTHL listed schools in Puducherry, summer up.

He is visibily happy over the quiz program designed on power point by volunteer Chennai based Somesh, conducted jointly by Shashank Gupta and local quiz master Ramanan, during the just concluded summer camp in Puducherry.

Srinivasan further added: "I t...

Summer Camp comes to an end amidst enthusiasm and synergy


Summer Camp comes to an end amidst enthusiasm and synergy

The two-day hockey summer camp for school children in Puducherry came to a nostalgic end on Sunday evening, the 19th April 2009.

After hectic sessions of practice, quiz and Chak De India movie watching, about 129 boys and girls – whose name we will list out shortly – melted away to their homes, carrying the first ever turf feeling that would stay etched in their memory for long.

A shabash and 100 marks to Shashank


He does not live there. He does not speak the local language. Food habits are different. Names of all the persons whom he met there were, at least to him, tongue twisters. Yet, our volunteer Shashank Gupta, legal partner of the Hockey Citizen Group, worked against all odds to successfully conduct the first summer camp of our organization in Puducherry. .

Shashank lives in Bangaluru, a good 400 km off from Puducherry, knows English and Hindi, the later anathema in Puducherry, but ...

First Day Camp Report


The first summer camp commenced at Puducherry as planned. About 100 othl listed school children and another 50 from interested schools turned up for the camp in the morning of Saturday, the 18th April 2009.

First, all the boys and girls were registered. Then they were grouped into to various teams to facilitate easy handling of different programmes.

A women coach, five of our regulars (liaison officers nominated by the othl. listed schools) were joined by two stu...

Two strange kids go to Puducherry


Two hockey students are set to go Puducherry to be part of the summer camp for the OTHL band.

Arun and Prasanna are still young hockey players. The duo from Bangalore will be in Puducherry on Saturday and Sunday and will do their bit in the hockey summer camp being organized by the Hockey Citizen Group. Arun and Prasanna are students at Ananya Trust, Bangalore, an alternative style educational residential school for the under-privileged.
Its first first time Arun will be g...

congratulation to indian colts


i congratulate the 8 time olympic champions on their win in azlan shah cup. i pray to almighty for better future of indian hockey team in international arena ...

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