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Vivekanandha HSS crushes Swami Vivekanandha School 7-0


11 Aug: It was a bright hot afternoon at 1500 hrs. The ground was very done by the hosts – Vivekanandha HSS, Lawspet. Slight delay in the match because of certain logistics and the match started rolling.
In front of school ground, Vivekanandha School boys kept the umpire busy and made him signal a goal 5 times in a second half.

Exciting Quiz at Vivekanandha School Lawspet


11 Aug: 5 teams of 3 children each in a huge hall, with over 50 boys and 50 girls was the set up for the quiz at Vivekanandha HS School at Lawspet.
The quiz was a little tuft for the children but the audience question brought a rather quiet audience to life. The children were keen on trying their luck to win posters announced as prizes for the audience prizes.
Here were the participants:
Team A
K Ganesh Kumar
P Magesh Kumar

Audience steals the show at the quiz at Amalorpavam School


Aug 11: A packed hall with audience and 5 teams participated in the Quiz at Amalorpavam School. The audience enthusiasm was too high on this day. In beginning, when the Shashank Gupta, who was conducting the quiz, checked with audience’s knowledge of Hockey, it was surprising to see that they could name around 13 players who have played for India.
This was encouragement for the OTHL team who knew that today’s audience is surely well informed.


Petit beats a solid Amalorpavam


Aug 12: A very well done ground at Amalopavam was the venue for the 3rd match of OTHL league. Watered, marked, dedicated goal posts and a wonderful audience added to a match where Amalorpavam team was seen on the defensive most of times....

A modified quiz and a super show at Swami Vivekanandha Thirubuvanai


12/08: There were lessons learnt by the OTHL team with regards to the quiz. A day earlier, the participants didn’t do very well in the quiz. The result: OTHL team worked in the night to come up with a knowledge imparting preliminary presentation to keep all the participants at the same platform. The quiz was also changed a lot, keeping in the mind the preliminary points outlined.

The venue for today was Swami Vivekanandha School, Thirubuvanai, some 27 km away from downtown Puduche...

Kuruvinatham Children steal the show on the final day


13/08: It was the same venue as the day before –Amalorpavam school premises. The visiting team was GHS Kuruvinatham.

Just the presence of Kuruvinatham children on Day 1 and their practice on the ground had made the coaches and children fear a very strong upcoming team – GHS Kuruvinatham. Word spread around very quickly and Amalorpavam HS School on this day knew what they can do to contain a very strong opponent.

A defeat in their own premises a day before, added to ...

Gist of Chennai OTHL Visit


4th August:
Former national player Suresh Babu, officiating as umpire in a state level women tournament, takes interest in OTHL concept. He is briefed by Arumugam as to how OTHL can be implemented in Chennai if some volunteers come forward from this city. On his request, he is requested to explore scope for the OTHL in Chennai. He discusses with the Physical Education Teacher of a reputed school in Anna Nagar area (State Bank of India Officers Association Higher Secondary School (SBOA Sc...

A life-time Hockey injection in 10m


“Go and talk to them for few minutes”, our team member told me.

“What shall I talk?”, I asked bewildered.

“Anything! This is a golden opportunity. You will never get such a crowd again.”

This has been one thing that we have been wondering about.

In my 4 days of ‘Hockey visit to Pondicherry’, the focus was: introducing the concept of playing competitive matches amongst the partner schools with one of them being a host. In every school h...

Lifetime lessons and cost - a few thousand Rupees


I haven’t learnt so much in the past couple of years as much I learnt in the past 4 days.
1) “People are very emotional here. You should be very careful with what you say. It may be professional for you but for them it isn’t that way.”

2) “You can’t simply expect that you state your expectations and they will deliver. Asking for a commitment to deliver on a tight deadline may be taken as something nasty is on the way.”

3) “You have to talk English slowly. Eve...

Men's Hockey Carnival kicks off at Petit Seminaire


10th August 2009: It was the day of Petit Seminaire, an Educational Institution of great repute in the historical city of Puducheery.

The 165-year old school plunged into hockey mode on this day. There was a trophy unveiling and certificate distribution in the morning assembly. This was followed by another two events. First, quiz competition was held in their school premises and then in the evening Petit Seminaire School met Vivekanandha School (Lawspet) in the first match of t...

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